International Conference: European, National and Regional Identity

Hotel Ramada, Oradea, 25-26 03 2011 (vineri-sâmbătă).

Identity has become a central issue in recent decades, almost all social science giving it a unique perspective. Thus, the landscape of theoretical approaches is very large, and very few all-encompassing theories appeared. While identity processes can be explained in a social psychological framework, the process of construction of social identities is not entirely endogenous: local, regional global trends shape the public perceptions and attitudes. Besides, identity has an own conceptual history within philosophical tradition. As a result, not only the explanatory paradigms are conflicting, but also their predictions on the effects and intertwine of identities.

This conference, organized by Partium Christian University Oradea, University of Oradea and University of Debrecen, aims at clarifying the implications of these perspectives on the actual state of identity throughout European space. The focus is double: on the way all the theories fit the available data, both qualitative and quantitative, but also how philosophical paradigm shifts affect the way we interpret these results. The conference approach is mainly sociological, psycho-sociological and philosophical. However, contributions from anthropology, economics, political sciences and social policy studies are very welcomed.

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