BA in Sociology

Undergraduates have their state exam in Nagyvárad (Oradea) and receive a state recognized degree. After the three years (six semesters) BA study, students can enroll into an MA program of the Partium Christian University.

What can you do with a degree in Sociology?

The work of sociologists in indispensable in all areas of social life, be that economy, politics, civil service, culture, church, media, education or health. Graduates usually choose one of the following possibilities:

  • Development and applications expert
  • Manager, business- and marketing adviser
  • Public administration expert
  • Journalist, media- and PR expert
  • Political adviser
  • Scientific researcher (society, economy, marketing)
  • School- or university teacher


The specialization provides an opportunity for students to acquaint themselves with the basics of the current social issues, with the necessary tools for research on social phenomena, as well as, the approach and experience required for sociologists. We offer courses in general social studies, as well as, courses focusing on research methods, specialized courses in Sociology and optional courses.